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Grant Proposal Sample

How to Write a Grant Proposal

So you're wondering how to write a grant proposal. Before you start, you need to know that grant writing is a process. The goal is to convince the grantor that the money you receive will have a positive effect on the community you serve. You can see why it's essential to develop a grant proposal that defines the organization's needs as well as a strategy to use the funds to fulfill them. Likewise, it's best to get input from everyone who will benefit from or be involved in using the funds.

Here are the steps to take to get you there and a grant proposal sample to bring it all together.

- Clearly define the need
- Get all the stakeholders involved
- Include partner organizations
- Describe both the economic and social costs
- Detail evidence of the need
- Outline goals
- Activities and results agenda
- Identify key outcomes
- Measure the efforts

You are creating a compelling argument. That's how to write a grant proposal that will persuade the grantor to listen to your proposal. To that end, be passionate about what you want to achieve. Develop an 'activities and results' plan and brainstorm with the stakeholders to identify three strong outcomes. Get letters of recommendation as well as letters from the stakeholders, outlining their commitment to the project. Then prepare to have a way to measure the results of your efforts. Grantors want to see results. Be realistic about what you can achieve with the grant money. It's vital to meet the goals if you want more money later.

Finally, be results-oriented. It's best if you can measure your successes with data. That data will improve your efforts over time as well as increase the amount of funding you get in the future. Ultimately, you'll have more success if you spend the time to do your research. Examine organizations like yours. You can learn from both successes and failures. Now that you've got all the information, it's time to do some writing.

Here's a grant proposal sample layout. Make sure to use headings to highlight sections.


- Title page
- Abstract
- Introduction—Need, purpose, goals, and how it will help your community
- Project narrative—objectives and outcomes
- Budget and justification for the expenditures

If you would like additional information on how to write a grant proposal or a customized grant proposal sample, contact BDJ Non-Profit Solutions today for a free consultation.

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