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Revocation Restoration

501c3 Consultant to Help With Revocation Restoration

Has the IRS revoked your organization’s 501c3 exempt status? If the IRS revoked your 501c3, that means you have to pay taxes on the revenue (including donations) that your organization generates. Not only that, but the donors can no longer use their donations as a tax write off. Even worse, it's likely going to be harder to attain and maintain grant monies. That's why a 501c3 revocation restoration is essential to restore your nonprofit's 501c3 exempt status.

You may think it's impossible, but a 501c3 consultant can help with revocation restoration. At BDJ Non-Profit Solutions, we believe that all nonprofits should have the opportunity to help serve their community. To that end, we offer 501c3 revocation restoration starting with a free consultation. If the IRS automatically revoked your organization's tax-exempt status and you want to get it reinstated. Now, the organization must apply for a 501c3 revocation restoration. Once the IRS determines the organization meets requirements to regain tax-exempt status, it will once again be able to receive charitable contributions. Maybe you need a 501c3 consultant to assist with the revocation restoration.

Here are some considerations in the meantime. First, let the stakeholders now and involve them in the decision-making process regarding the next steps. It may turn out that it's time to move on from tax-exempt status. A designated spokesperson should also inform staff and volunteers of the changes that will affect them. Additionally, keep all communications transparent and make sure that all messaging regarded a 501c3 status is removed from the website and other media. And certainly, let the donors know that as of the revocation date, the donations are no longer tax-deductible. Be diligent about revenue sources and record-keeping to pay income taxes while the nonprofit is not tax-exempt. If the organization decides that it's best to try to regain its 501c3 status, then a revocation restoration should begin carefully following the IRS guidelines for reinstatement.

As a 501c3 consultant, BDJ Non-Profit Solutions evaluates your state and federal 501c3 exempt status and advises you on corrective action to get reinstated. We'll also help you get the documents ready for the revocation restoration. And we can help you eliminate compliance concerns as well as help prepare your Form 990s too. If you want to get help with revocation restoration, then contact a 501c3 consultant at BDJ Non-Profit Solutions for a free consultation today.

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